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12.08.2012 - London: a shed for best view in Europe.
Since the beginning of July 2012, finally, also the financial capital on River Thames provides what other megacities already possess abound: a skyscraper with the best view. In fact, the 310-meter 69-storey colossus offers the best insights into the showcases of the English capital. Those who benefit most are the future guests of the 200 rooms Shangri-La Hotel, which has been quartered in "The Shard", already. The hostel in prime position should be fully booked  round 1st February 2013. Then, the public viewing platform will be opened at the 69th floor. From here - that guarantee the operator - London visitors will enjoy an optimal view, even in fog. This is made possible thanks of high-tech: Ten digital telescopes, set on "perfect vision", will deliver the perfect illusion of London by brightest sunlight. The result will be the "best view in Europe", the provider is promising. Source: Der Spiegel


29.07.2012 - New Zealnd: cottage with a view.

"Cottage with a View" is the title of a novel in which the dreams of a woman - Anna - want a helping hand: She tries so hard to renovate her house in the Cotswolds. A project which provokes official restrictions but, finally, It opens into a wonderful happy ending. Cottages with a view and this even in the Cotswolds - yes, there are any, actually. for example, the Cotswold Cottage Country House, but not in Britain, but half an orbit away to New Zealand. It is a lovingly restored villa, one hour's drive from Auckland, near the village of Thames. Built in the 1920s, the house is cultivating European elegance - with French doors, with an outdoor Jacuzzi and a lovely garden. From here you will never want to leave, for the view may wander over the golf Huraki,  the Pinnacle Mountains and the River Kauaeranga.

29.07.2012 - The catchphrase to your advertising listing.

Be honest: Our catchprase attracted your attention immediately, didnt it? And to many others it does the same way. So, why not use the chance to get your advertising message directly to the visitors of viewidum.com? Just send us a short request.

17.04.2012 - Namibia: a surreal visual delight.

There are hotels you visit because of their locations. As they are in a big city, surrounded by the sea or the mountains. But a hotel which offers accommodation in the desert ? Can such a hostel - 5-star offer or not - really attract with the place where it receives its guests? Certainly, is the answer of  those who, for example, have already book the "Hotel Thule" in Windhoek, Namibia. Good service, excellent breakfast, friendly staff - and also the equipment leaves little to be desired. Bathroom with underfloor heating: Where in the former German South-West you will find things like that? But all these advantages are exceeded by the prominent location of the house on the Lafrenzberg - great views of the Namibian capital, includied. Equally appealing is a very different view: the panorama of the surrounding mountain landscape. An almost surreal pleasure ...

08.04.2012 - WellVital quality with Alpine panorama.

"WellVital" - under this brand name a number of Bavarian hotels and villages have joined offering the "best conditions for a relaxing spa vacation." Only hotels, communities and spas that meet the  WellVital criteria have got the option of wearing the quality seal of "WellVital". Apart from a range of spa offerings and a vital regional cuisine there are the special qualifications of the staff which are going to be promoted. Three of the ten current WellVital members in Bavaria also promise another advantage: fantastic views. These include the "Hotel Alpina", Bad Reichenhall and he immediately attached cottage "Friedrichshöhe", both situated inside a beautiful park, the four-star hotel "Oberstdorf" in Oberstdorf and the natural healing village of Bad Feilnbach in Upper Bavaria.

24.03.2012 - Villa Cicolina: A Tuscan dream.

With origins dating back to the early Middle Ages, Villa Cicolina  is located a short way from the splendid 16th-century pearl, Montepulciano, an a few kilometres from the most beautiful towns in the province of Siena: Pienza, Cortona, Montefollonico, Montichiello and Montalcino. Over the centuries, the families who owned the villa transformed it into their country residence.; the frescoes, coats of arms and paintings all bearing witness to them. The spacious rooms furnished with antique furniture take their names from the panorama that you can enjoy from the windows: Montepulciano, Cortona and Montefollonico; as well as  from some achritectural details: the chimney, capitals, balconies and so on; or the sourrounding countryside with its vineyards, walnut trees and cypresses. The Italian garden with its elegance and geometry opens up in front of the small church, a wonderful piece in the architectural mosaic. The swimming pool with jacuzzi is immersed in the olive grove with a view looking over the Tuscan countryside. Guests can make use of the hut, chimney room and cellar for reading and tasting the famous Tuscan red wines.

14.03.2012 - A stay to Grand Canyon: zooming infinity.

Rather simple in the equipment, but with an overwhelming view - that is Grand Canyon Lodge North Rim in Grand Canyoun National Park. "North Rim" is a perfectly appropriate name, because to get closer to the abyss of the gorge, which attracts around 20,000 people a day, you won't succeed elsewhere. The lodge itself provides quite simple "Cabins" with spartan equipment, but also small cottages of recent construction. As the Canyon and nothing else is the star you better don't expect too much comfort, Every cabin consists of two rooms:. Suffering from a snoring neighbour, you may stay a hard night. This is why it seems advisable in any case to savor dinner in the main house, especially since this building his really nice. Do not forget to book in time!

01.03.2012 - Sunnylands: retreat with mountain view.

In 1966, the diplomat Walter Annenberg built his very private In retreat in Rancho Mirage, California: "Sunnylands", a summer residence, where he and his wife Lee welcomed the rich and powerful representatives of America. Seven U.S. presidents were guests in Sunnylands, Frank Sinatra hosted here even his wedding party. Even the Queen was to honor the times. Today, all they are immotalized in  the "Room of Memories" above the red sofa in picture frames. Actually, the scion of a publishing tycoon had wrested the plot near Palm Stprings from the desert. Annenberg, Richard Nixon's U.S. ambassador in London, allegedly implemented the 2,300-square-foot mansion with 22 guest rooms plus "master suite" for stars, statesmen and royals only because his wife, Lee felt homesick for California. As Annenberg sold his company in 1988 for three billion dollars to Rupert Murdoch, due to the proceeds he was able to buy very illustrious art treasures, all in all 52 masterpieces by Monet, van Gogh, Degas, Cézanne and Gauguin. Visitors coming to the property today are greeted by them down from the walls - but only as a copy, because the landlord preferred to entrust the originals to the Metropolitan Museum in New York - as a foundation. Ah yes, the prospect from Sunnylands, too, is quite impressive: from the almost modern-style terrace overlooking the falls of the San Jacinto Mountains.

14.02.2012 - viewidum.com high ranks.

Honored by Google ranking: Just a few weeks after its launch, travel portal viewidum.com conquered the top of the search result lists.For example, searches in German language for "Urlaub mit Aussicht", "Ferienhaus mit Aussicht" or "Hotels mit Aussicht" have placement results among the first five results each. Good news for the operator of a hotel, a cottage, a chalet or an apartment in a panoramic position: Now, they can present their holiday home on viewidum with strong public attention.

25.12.2011 - France: La Villa Mer.

They accompany the travelers everywhere: the red rocks of the Esterel, which is posing in some places into small fortresses. From the Corniche d'Or, the seemingly endless thither winding scenic road along the Côte d'Azur, they are seeing up close. We go to La Croix-Valmer, a 3,000-inhabitant village on the peninsula of Saint-Tropez. First line - where you will enjoy the impressive views of the azure-blue sea, we have achieved our goal: La Villa Mer is a 2011 finished estate with top exclusive amenities and direct access to the sea.

Four balconies, a 80-square-foot terrace with a waterfall and a park-like garden of the grandest proportions compete with the vantage point - and there are plenty here. Inside the building itself La Belle de séjour is continued in generosity and high level quality materials: two major and two guest bedrooms, each with bath en suite, open into a living area with fireplace and open designer kitchen (Bulthaup) and prepare anticipation of a dip in the pool (with overflow). No, more perfection is hardly conceivable - and the fantastic sea view puts the crown on it: like falling close are the Îles d'Hyères with their gleaming golden cliffs ...

20.12.2011 - Austria: home holiday with views.
Mountain paradise, Malerwinkel, four seasons' country: The climatic health resort of Ramsau near Berchtesgaden is the epitome of Bavarian Alpine idyll. Where, if not in this fabulously beautiful landscape, Joseph Mohr, the author of "Silent Night, Holy Night", would have been possible to begin his preaching activity? Today, the Ramsau magic combines with the 4 * star Bio-wood house farm house of the family Erlbacher set on a sun plateau. In his name, it takes a notion about which, elsewhere, they like to turn up the nose: "Heimat". But here, where civilization scares such as "stress" or "allergy" are banned, it is synonymous with authentic quality of life.
Part of the Ramsauer-estate is a house in a traditional wooden architecture that has been felled years ago, according to the phases of the moon made ??of fir wood. The head of the house - a trained specialist - who grew up with wood knows very well when it is the right time.

And then of course there are also wonderful views to enjoy, which you can not get enough around Berchtesgaden. A must for lovers is a panoramic hike on the route of the former salt pipeline path from Brunnhaus Söldenköpfl to Schwarzbachwacht. Travelling on almost level ground along a southern slope
a magnificent alpine scenery spreads out at about 900 meters: squinting into the sun you let your view wander into the Ramsau valley or to Watzmann, Hochkalter and Reiteralpe.

By the way: The food in the apartments can be daily book individually.
Info: http://www.app-heimat.at/


09.12.2011 - Organic culinary specialties with a view.

Biohotels are en vogue. And whenever they offer a fantastic view - besides medical therapy plus wellness center, indoor pool and saunas, mountaineering and "Hüttengaudi", then, yes, then we want just one thing above all: to stop time. Just as in the Eggensberger Biohotel in the Bavarian Allgäu. Situated at 830 meters in the Kneipp and climatic resort Hopfen am See, the 50-rooms-inn spoils its guests with a panorama that does not make you miss anything - Oberammergau and Tyrolean Alps and the famous castles of Bavarian King Ludwig II included. Close to nature, quiet, sun-kissed: What could make the pleasurable moments at ringside seat on the lake even more perfect than fresh food from the organic gourmet cuisine that serves individual menus with Allgäu magic? Incidentally, even sleep in the Eggensberger is bio-optimized: Electrosmog reduced sleep environment is guaranteed.
Info: www.biohotels.info/eggensberger

01.12.2011 - Constance Moofushi: turquoise panoramas.

South Ari Atoll. Even the address awakens dreaming associations. Indeed, Constance Moofushi Resort fulfills all desires you can associate with a holiday on a tropical island. Relaxing days, enriched by all the amenities of a dream Maldivian resort - here on the three lagoons you can relax in an incomparable way around the clock. In each of the 110 villas the dream start to the day begins with an extensive breakfast buffet, whose taste horizons seem to compete with the turquoise-painted panoramas of the sea. On the beach, just a few meters from the sea, the Alizée restaurant awaits its guests in casual atmosphere. Here, fish and meat dishes use to be served à la gourmandise. Thanks to all-inclusive, this exclusive dining experience can be enjoyed once a week at no extra charge. A must-have: The Spa de Constance built on stilts. Here, the guests are flattered by aromatic scents, which allow to discern what each of the eight treatment cabins can do good. Further information: www.constancehotels.com

20.11.2011 - Port Andratx: Breakfast overlooking the sea.

Actually, Port Andratx is ought to be mentioned in a synonym dictionary: The 11,300 inhabitants' town in the west of Majorca is the epitome of a pitoresque Mediterranean port. All attributes of exclusive holiday idyll are gathered here: luxury yachts, designer boutiques, bars, restaurants and plenty of sunshine. Finally, the crest of the community is promising, above all, the sun! Today's tip is a bright holiday apartment (85 sqm) for up to four people on the peninsula of Sa Mola. The apartment has two bedrooms, a sprawling 54 sqm terrace with direct pool and incomparable views seaside location. Modern and comfortable facilities may be presupposed. For more information call: 0034 671 271771.

16.11.2011 - Meersburg: Apartment with lake view.

Many residents claim Lake Constance for themselves: the Swiss, partly Austrians and Bavarians do, too. But above all the German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg does, from which the lake got its nickname: "Swabian Sea".

To have a vacation apartment with a magnificent view over the lake nearby Meersburg, is probably one the greatest blessings you can get celebrating a panoramic style of living. The exclusive apartment Hauser in Meersburg at least is a holiday home that has all the attributes of an extraordinary hideaway with fluid. The ideal place to relax - for up to four persons.

Even before occurring there is arriving: the exposed location near the vineyards in close proximity to the waterfront, a few steps away from the historic old town. the immediate connection to the roughly five-mile walk to Hagnau, cultivated peace far from cars and daily activity - all this feels like home.

And then the apartment itself: 70 sqm comfort, homely distributed on living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom with window. Amenities are everywhere to be found: the elevator from the garage to the apartment, floor heating in all rooms, the kitchen opened to the living room, the corner couch extendable as a sleeping surface , bathroom with tub, glass shower and towel warmer, hypoallergenic bedding, a flat screen TV, a separate refrigerator in the kitchen - yes, here is good living. And above all, a contemplative retreat is part of the concept: The large covered balcony on the south side invites its guests to inspiring sea views. And if there should be nothing to be found in the refrigerator: A top restaurant is just 50 meters away.

10.11.2011 - Unconventional: Miraflores Park Hotel Lima.

Peru's capital Lima is considered one of the most unusual cities in South America, as it combines in its architecture a mix of colonial heritage, ancient treasures and the gold of the Incas. All this seems to harmonize with the architectural testimonies of a sophisticated joy of life. Not by chance the old town of seven and a half million inhabitants, in 1991, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage.

As an ideal starting point to all the sights of the city the Miraflores Park Hotel is known as an exclusive location on the Pacific Ocean. This boutique hotel with 82 rooms - situated in a park - was built on the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea. From almost every room there is a breathtaking view of the Pacific.

It seems a wee bit bizarre, that one of the facilities of the hotel is called the "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Bar"; and this also applies to the First Class Restaurant "Poisonnerie". In comparison, the namesake of the restaurant "The Observatory" did much better. For that reason, because from here a spectacular view of the sea can be enjoyed.

By the way: With a mean average temperature of 18.2 degrees Lima is part of the subtropical climate zone; nevertheless average rainfall uses to reach only 13 mm. At the same time Lima brings it to 1,284 hours of sunshine - a low figure, given the geographical location. The reason is: Throughout winter (June to September) Lima is shrouded by dense coastal fog or high fog.


07.11.2011 - Desert with views: the Campement de Waza.

A hotel in the Waza National Park of Cameroon: What can you expect? The answer is: Anything that makes a good hotel. A clean place to stay (here in the form of bungalows), working toilets (in Africa not always of course) and showers that give hot water, thanks to tireless sun even around the clock. Not to forget: the restaurant on the second floor of the main building. And nevertheless: A viewing which captures the entire gamut of the color spectrum in the desert.

02.11.2011 - Hotel views of Earth.

News portal N24 reports about spectacular hotel plans. According to a report from 17 August, Russia is driving an ambitious space project. 350 km away from earth, in space, a hotel with four double rooms is said to be planned. The orbit domicil will be ready by 2016.

30.10.2011 - Nice views: more and more important.

Vacation with views - this idea of the best days of the year seems to be shared by more and more Germans. As the Welt Online news portal, referring to the Hotel Portal HolidayCheck.de reports, the quality of the prospect is regularly the first to be examined when tourists enter their hotel accommodation. 49.7 percent of the surveyed people said that they first look out the window when entering their hotel room.

29.10.2011 - Your vacation home on viewidum.

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16.10.2011 - The Vaduz Sonnenhof.

It is said to be the most beautiful view all over Liechtenstein - and you really can believe it: The Relais & Chateaux Hotel Sonnenhof in Vaduz is a place just made to wrest the essentials from daily life. Built in 1917 as a private residence, now the boutique hotel has to maintain a wonderful heritage - the incomparable view of the Appenzell Alps included.

Only 20 rooms, all individually designed, are part of the Sonnenhof. On the other hand, the few guests reside here in secluded comfort, in the midst of a 5,000 square meter park. Freedom which makes the style of this house develop in the most beautiful way - sometimes classic and elegant, sometimes puristic and modern. Here is good living, and living here means to pay homage to the lightness of the moment. Guests may feel powerfully supported in this meaning whenever they enjoy the kitchen of Sonnenhof host Mr. Hubertus Real, who awarded with two Michelin stars and Gault Millau toques has already advanced into the beletage of the Creative Cuisine. Even better: Here you feed not anywhere. The "Panorama Restaurant" expands the enjoyment and invites you to toast to a congenial pleasurable experience. Maybe with a fine bottle of wine of Liechtenstein provenance, stored in the hotel's own wine cellar.

13.10.2011 - Stay vis-à-vis Guggenheim Museum.

The general public has known Javier Mariscal by his corporate design of the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. To the EXPO 2000, Hanover, the Spaniard contributed the corporate identity. But the designer and illustrator, born in Valencia, has also got a very creative eye for the modern hospitality industry. His design of the Silken Gran Hotel Domine Bilbao is considered a milestone of the interdisciplinary design concept.

Unusually, this is not only for the prospects the guest can admire inside the Gran Hotel Domine. The predicate "spectacular" does also refer to the look at the location directly opposite: the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao on the other side of the Nervión. "Deconstructive" - this is how the shape of the modern art museum is named, which was completed in 1997, five years before Mariscals' complete hotel design could follow.

Extroverted and colorful - this is characteristic for the design style of Javier Mariscal whose hotel now has become the congenial counterpart to the design of the museum created by the American architect Frank O. Gehry. So now the two buildings, in close dialogue, tell the story of contemporary design in the late 20th century.

Fascinating detail: the baths of the Gran Hotel Domine have been created by another icon of the international hotel design: Philippe Starck.

19.09.2011 - Hotel overlooking Ground Zero.

In its edition of 10 September the German weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT reports about an exceptional hotel in an extraordinary place: the World Center Hotel overlooking Ground Zero.

"Standing on the restaurant terrace of the World Center hotel. at the 20th floor, above the site of the new World Trade Center, you can capture with one glance a cross section of time - ten years in the past, five years into the future, at least. in the deep pit below, which extends almost ten floors into the earth there are driving excavators which seem tiny. (...) Just above the pit the Memorial will be opened in these days, the Reflecting Pools, two pools, in which a curtain of water trickling over the names of the victims."



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